Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Winter is coming!

That means it is the time of crisp and frosty mornings. During the season many of us encounter a pop up of  a warning symbol displayed on the panel of your car, which alerts us about a low coolant level in the car's cooling system!

There are 3 possible reasons why that happens:
1.Reduction of the coolant level due to a drop in ambient temperature. In this case, it is required to add the recommended coolant to the correct level.
2. Looseness of the fastening of the branch pipes with clamps due to a decrease in the ambient temperature. To solve this problem, it is necessary to tighten the clamps to eliminate the leak or replace the failed clamps with new DAR or ZIP clamps.
3.Cooling pipe is damaged, how to fix it? Replace the pipe and clamps.

What if there are no clamps?

It is impossible to disregard the importance of the clamps in the modern world!
Our fasteners are used in almost every area! A lot of businesses depend on such little but yet such essential tool.
Lets take land and water transport. Now we can no longer imagine our life without vehicles, but if there were no clamps, can you imagine what could have happened?
Here are some simple examples.
Construction. Without clamps, it would be difficult to supply gas and electricity!
Food industry. You may not have thought, but clamps are used for a variety of applications: soft drink systems, syrup pumps, beer systems, hot drink systems, to name just a few! On mornings you would not be able to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in your favorite cafe without clamps!
Agriculture. Without clamps, it will be difficult to water the crop and your favorite vegetables will simply not hit the shelves!
But don't worry, because we are always ready to provide all areas with our high-quality DAR clamps!

About quality.

One of the important advantages of our company is the quality of the goods.
We use only high quality materials for the manufacture of DAR clamps.
Also, we comply with world standards, which gives us a greater advantage over competitors.
Moreiver, we have the best price-quality ratio and you can be convinced of this!
Last but not least, our products are versatile and are used in many industries.
In addition to the quality of the goods, we have wonderful specialists who will advise you, help you make your choice and answer all your questions!

We congratulate our clients and partners with the beginning of a new working year!

Dear clients, partners, friends! We are wishing you a productive and successful working year!

Despite the dire situation related to the COVID-19 virus, we diligently continue to

work for you!

Our products are used in various industries, such as: energy and

mechanical engineering, chemical industry, construction, utilities, food

industry and production - in another word, almost no sphere can do without

our clamps and pneumatic fittings!

As always we are ready to provide you with all the necessary goods for successful run of your business.

You can always place an order in any way convenient for you, through the website, email or by

phone number, which is listed in the "contacts" section.

Dear Clients!

We are pleased to offer you high-quality clamps and fittings at a great price! We pay great attention to each client and provide a high level service. The prices on our web-site are not dogma, we can always agree on discounts and favorable terms of cooperation.